design by

Neil Poulton

  1. 2big ”cloudscraper” dock — lacie

    desktop architecture

    lacie “d2” range, design by neil poulton

    lacie, d2/big range

    the d2/big range underlines neil poulton’s ability to create timeless design statements.

    designed as "desktop architecture", the d2 range uses a hard-edged and slab-like design language to express the sharp efficiency of the hard drive.  

    - and then adds a glowing blue eye.

    intended to evoke 2001 a space odyssey, hal and machine learning, the blue eye was first introduced in 2002 as a reference to the "coq" hard drive, previously designed by poulton for french company, électronique d2 (d2 pour les amis).

    today, after 18 years of updates, iterations and design tweaks, the d2 brand retains its core identity - all metal, extruded aluminium housing, injection moulded zamac/aluminium front plate - and the now signature blue eye.
    informed by architectural technologies, today’s colors, materials and finishes are honed to perfection. detail and build quality are exceptional.

    like buildings, d2 housings are designed to last.

    design by neil poulton