design by

Neil Poulton

  1. 2big ”cloudscraper” dock — lacie

    desktop architecture

    lacie “d2” range, design by neil poulton

    • 2big dock — lacie,

      2big dock — lacie,design by neil poulton

    • d2 hard drive — lacie

      d2 hard drive — laciedesign by neil poulton
      photo by nicolas foucher

    • d2 pro hard-drive — lacie

      d2 pro hard-drive — laciedesign by neil poulton

    • 1 big dock ssd pro— lacie,

      1 big dock ssd pro— lacie,design by neil poulton

    • 2big raid — lacie

      2big raid — laciedesign by neil poulton

    lacie, d2/big range

    the d2/big range, design by neil poulton for lacie, underlines neil poulton’s ability to create timeless design statements.

    designed as "desktop architecture", "scale buildings" or "little monoliths", the d2 range uses a precise, hard-edged and slab-like design language to express the "hard" machine efficiency of the hard drive.

    since the launch of d2 in 2002 the blue eye has been the signature of lacie desktop products. the "d2" name and the eye itself is a nod and a wink to the earlier "coq" hard drive, design by neil poulton for électronique d2.

    18 years later, after multiple iterations, design tweaks and evolutions, the d2/big range retains its original identity - extruded aluminium housing, injection moulded zamac/aluminium front plate - and glowing blue eye. cmf - colors, materials and finishes - are tweaked to perfection - the detail and build quality is exceptional and designed to last.

    like tiny buildings.

    design by neil poulton