design by

Neil Poulton

  1. lacie ssd pro design by neil poulton

    black is the new orange

    lacie "rugged ssd pro" design by neil poulton

    lacie "rugged ssd pro" design by neil poulton

    the challenge - to reboot the lacie ’rugged’ hard drive range.

    the reponse - to redesign the iconic lacie ’rugged’ hard drive as a ’ssd’ (solid state drive) - compact, mono-colour, rubberised and waterproofed to IP67.

    manufactured from a 2 part die-cast aluminium enclosure in a liquid rubber overmould, ’rugged ssd pro’ is resistant to 3-meter drops and two-ton car crushes, yet still fits your pocket or the palm of your hand.

    and if black isn’t your thing, it’s available in orange too - the new black, apparently.

    lacie photos ©seagate technology

    design by neil poulton