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  1. accoustic light system, 2020

    let there be lights

    lighting design by neil poulton

    lighting experience.

    neil poulton has designed lamps & lighting fixtures for over 30 years

    says poulton "I’ve always been fascinated by our need to give form to light - should a lamp be celebrated as sculpture, statement, a playful experience - or should it be minimal, invisible - is it even necessary?"
    "today lighting product design is as much about performance, lumens and sustainability as it is about fixtures, new typologies and new lighting experiences. the barriers between home, work and leisure environments are increasingly blurred but our fundamental relationship with light remains as essential as ever".

    many of neil poulton’s minimal lighting fixtures have proven to be long-lasting successes. designs like the award-winning surf system (1996) and talo range for artemide (2002) are still best-sellers even today. where the technology has been upgraded to be increasingly performant, sustainable and less energy-consuming, neil poulton’s fixtures remain unchanged, intemporal.

    poulton is probably best known for his many best-selling and award winning designs for italian brand, artemide - with whom he has enjoyed a non-exclusive relationship dating back to 1996. other lighting clients include danse milano, martinelli luce, atelier-sedap, vertigo bird, habitat, forestier, mito, megalit, vianne-domec…with more to come…

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