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Neil Poulton

  1. design by neil poulton


    design by neil poulton

    lighting experience.

    "should a lamp be celebrated as story, sculpture, statement, a playful experience - should it be minimal, invisible, purely functional ?
    the barriers between home, work and leisure environments are increasingly blurred, but inevitably, it’s all about context - lighting has to be designed for people".

    neil poulton has designed lamps & lighting fixtures for over 30 years

    poulton has designed for lighting clients include martinelli luce, danese milano, atelier-sedap, vertigo bird, habitat, forestier, mito, megalit, vianne-domec…but he is probably best known for his many best-selling designs for italian brand, artemide.

    lighting fixture manufacturer ? start-up ? reach out to to set up a call to discuss your lighting design requirements.

    artemide owned photos ©artemide s.p.a.
    atelier sedap owned photos ©atelier sedap.

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    design by neil poulton